This morning I had a temporary lapse in sanity and got so stressed that I nearly had a panic attack. I know having too much coffee (no such thing) and receiving so much info at once contributed to this, but in reality, there was no need for it. When I stepped back and realized what I was doing, it didn’t make sense at all. God has brought me so far and has provided for me when nothing seemed to be coming together. Why should I fret? There are still things to be done, and it might not be easy (nothing comes easy with these sort of things,) but it will work out. He will come through. If He hadn’t come through this far, where would I be? He is who He says He is. The Lord is faithful.

I’m choosing joy within this chaos, because…I have somewhere to live! I’m signing a lease! I have an apartment! WOOT.

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Hello everyone. It has been a productive weekend. 

Hello everyone. It has been a productive weekend. 

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Today, I am feeling very grateful.

This morning, my 96-year-old grandmother-in-law (uncle’s wife’s mother) passed away. My family says it’s a blessing as her quality of life lately was not very good. Though I only saw her a couple of times a year at most, if that, she was always very sweet to me and was excited to see what was happening in my life. I have only the sweetest memories of her.
This afternoon my aunt asked me to come to her mother’s apartment and see what I would want since they were cleaning it out. I felt so bad, since it was not even my grandmother really, but she assured me she would’ve been happy about this. She said she would be happy to help me start my new road in life, and glad that some of this would remain in the family and not just completely given away.
I’m getting my first apartment soon, (God willing.) I had no furniture, no dishes, no towels. She gave me all I could need, and more- (including a TV!)

I’m feeling very blessed, and very saddened that I wasn’t able to get to know such a loved woman better.

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I would like to join you sometime.. I’ll get there, one day. :)

Heck yes you will! I’m saving you a seat, m’dear.

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This year, I have truly let go of the world’s standards of beauty. I don’t have the energy to care about such nonsense anymore. Do I always look clean-cut, photoshopped, and ideally pretty? No. And I may never, because I am not a magazine photo. I am not a movie star. I am not by any means “ideal.” But I am me, and I’m proud to say I am wholly okay with my unpopular form of beauty. All I want to be is myself.

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Does God close bad doors and open good doors? Sometimes. But often, He gives us the wisdom we need to make those choices for ourselves. He doesn’t force us into choosing door 1 by closing door 2—but He points us in the right direction, and leads us the right way with His voice, His spirit and His love.

Many times we ask God to close a door that we already know we should walk away from. And then we blame Him that He didn’t. It’s time to put this phrase to rest, realizing that God has given us everything we need to make good choices for our lives as we listen to His gentle voice.

I believe that more than anything, waiting on God is less about our actions, and more about the state of our heart. It is an internal acknowledgement that God knows, He cares and He has a plan. It means resting in His sovereignty and grace. But it is not an excuse to live a passive life.

Waiting on God doesn’t mean that we push the pause button on life. Rather, we learn to take life step by step, with our internal anchor holding fast to His promises. It’s important to proactively pursue the things we want in life—including relationships—as long as we’re always pursuing Him first.


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I bought my first laptop ever!

I bought my first laptop ever!

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